Sex Toy Dependency: Do You Still DIY?

BathEverybody is in such a hurry these days. Work, home, chores, kids. And masturbation.

Yeah, you heard that right. Masturbation.

Remember the old days, if you’re over the age of 30, when you masturbated without the aid of electronic devices. No battery-operated, multi-speed toys back then.

Today you can get all kinds of sex toys to help you masturbate: varied shapes, sizes, and materials. And I’m not knocking their use. I use them. A lot.

But all these fancy schmancy toys are making us lazy masturbators. Some of them can give you an orgasm in under a few minutes. Whew.


And sometimes that's what you want and need. A quick release can decrease your stress level and give you that post-orgasm glow. But sometimes masturbation should be a relaxing gift that you give to yourself, using only yourself. Celebrated in the ambiance of a warm bath or under the covers preceding an afternoon nap.

I’ve heard of families instituting a No Electronics day in their homes. Where family members have to turn off the TV and computer and read an actual book instead of using a Kindle or some other electronic reader. 

I’m going to institute that in my own home, a monthly No Electronic Sex Toy day, just for myself.

Anybody care to join me? And no, I don't mean join me in my bathtub but join my call to a day of old-fashioned masturbation. A hand, a finger, a fantasy that exists only in your own head.

It’ll be sexy and oh so retro. But just for a day a month. I'd miss my Rabbit vibrator too much and all of its friends that live on the top shelf of my closet.

Do you make time for doing things the old-fashioned way?

Image via strlitzia/Flickr

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