Pumpkin Pie -- The New Viagra?

Pumpkin pie

Okay ladies, throw away the pecan pies, chocolate meringues, and apple pie. What your man really wants is pumpkin pie. And not just for the taste. According to a recent study, pumpkin pie makes men randy.

Ooo, Thanksgiving just got a whole lot sexier.

Men between the ages of 18 to 64 were given 40 aromas to sniff and scientists determined which aroused them the most based off of blood flow to the penis. The winner was an intoxicating fragrance of pumpkin pie.


Though it's unclear exactly why it had that effect, scientists think it has to do with reducing anxiety. "By reducing anxiety, it acted to remove inhibitions.” Which makes sense. I know I'm much more happier when I'm stuffing my face with a big piece of pumpkin pie. They also noted that though we're tossing out the sexiest part when we make the pies because the seeds themselves are very rich in zinc, which increases testosterone, making pumpkin seeds is a heck of an aphrodisiac for men.

At this point, I just gotta wonder -- what aren't men turned on by? It seems like every other week there's another stupid ass study coming out staking claim of weird turn-ons. Let's face it, men are pretty simple creatures to begin with and their penis usually has an even (smaller) mind of its own. Most have to consciously think of something super unsexy just to avoid an early orgasm -- cucumbers getting fiercely chopped up, poopy diapers ... I was told by an ex once that he thought of his dog getting hit by a car (something every gal wants to hear that her boyfriend thinks during sex, right?). And I guess now we know pumpkin pies are not one of those items on the ever decreasing "unsexy list." Who knew?

Another interesting tidbit that I plucked from the study: the aroma that created the least amount of penile blood flow was cranberry. At least we know what to serve at Thanksgiving this year, right?

Does the smell of pumpkin pie turn your man on?

Image via casey.marshall/Flickr

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