Why Thanksgiving Should Scare Feminists

ThanksgivingDoes your annual Thanksgiving look like this?

The women are up at the crack of dawn basting turkeys, arranging plates, flatware, and glasses, going on last-minute grocery store runs, preparing side dishes, setting up a huge table, finding extra chairs, finalizing the menu, creating elaborate centerpieces, and scattering hand-cut leaves at each place setting.

And the men are sitting on the couch watching football.

I can't speak from personal experience, as my uncle wakes up at 4 a.m. every Thursday morning to start basting the turkey and declares, "This is the best turkey I've ever cooked!!" when he's done. But sometimes I wonder if he's the exception to the rule.

Is Thanksgiving more of a pain in the ass for the women than the men in your family? Here are some reasons why this holiday might be considered one for the girls, and why the men should get more involved.


It seems that the NFL schedules games on Thanksgiving Day so men can have an excuse to watch the games all freakin' day. This year, there are games on at 12:30, 4:15, and 8:20. With big-name teams like the New England Patriots, Dallas Cowboys, and New York Jets playing, it'll be difficult to get a football-loving fanatic to stand up and help out in the kitchen.

But somehow, serving 20-some family members has to get done, and the women are usually the ones who take the reins. So they spend weeks beforehand getting ready, slave in the kitchen all day, and then have to clean up afterward as the men settle in for the late-night game. With so much focus being on food and decorating, it's the quintessential holiday for women.

The kitchen is, after all, the woman's domain, right? Wait a second, isn't this 2010? I hope that more families are starting to incorporate everyone into preparing and cleaning up the meal like mine. Besides, most kitchens have a TV nowadays or are part of a floorplan where you can watch the game while standing at the stove. You could argue that it's sad that it takes having a TV in the kitchen for men to help out during Thanksgiving, but hey, some women are probably equally interested in finding out which team is winning a particular game. I know, I know, women liking football is equally unheard of as men cooking at Thanksgiving.

And in this strange time period during which we live, it's considered cool, even sexy, for men to be fantastic cooks. Chefs and celebs like Tom Colicchio, Gordon Ramsay, Bobby Flay, Tyler Florence, Rocco DiSpirito take away any kind of notion that men don't belong in the kitchen. So that's even more of an excuse for them to cook up a dish or two this Thanksgiving.

Even with these reasons for men to help out, many kitchens and living rooms on Thursday may look like a flashback to the '50s. Women bloggers here at The Stir admit to taking over Thanksgiving duties even if they're nervous and/or terrible cooks. So let's help out all the bra burners of yore and get the men more involved in the Thanksgiving duties. Bring out the beer and wine, bond, chat, laugh, experiment, and the men may even have fun ... but only during the commercials, of course.

Does your Thanksgiving look like a scene from a '50s movie? Do men help out to prepare the meal?


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