Why Did Jessica Simpson's Fiance Make Her Cry?

Jessica Simpson tells Us Weekly that she was in tears when her boyfriend of six months proposed to her, and while she claims those tears were tears of happiness, I'm afraid they were tears of stupidity. 

Because seriously? Her whole relationship is such a sham.

Poor Jessica has never really found her dating footing. She has gone from one bad relationship to the next and been treated poorly each time. First John Mayer, then Adam Levine, and finally Tony Romo. Mayer dished the dirt on her, Levine allegedly booty called her, and Romo ultimately had to block her from coming to his home.

And the word on the street is not much better about her relationship with Eric Johnson, who was still married when he and Jessica got together. He just finalized his divorce last month and wasn't as famous as Simpson, leaving some to speculate that he is just using her for fame.

And now they're engaged. I call BS. Consider the facts:

  • She has been with him for six months: In six months, you know nothing about the person you're with. OK, so some people marry quickly and it works, but a grand majority and especially those who have already been divorced once don't.
  • She turned 30: Thirty is a "scary" age for many women: We can pretend all we like that we're happy and independent, but that birthday is frightening, especially if we spend it single. For Jessica, with a baby sister who is already happily married with a son, this was probably especially hard.
  • Timing: She announced her engagement just a couple days after her ex-husband Nick Lachey announced his. Methinks there is a rat ... 
  • Ring: OK, so it might be sexist, but I want a ring from my man, even a teeny-tiny, non-existent bubble gum ring. Just something, a token, a bauble of some sort that says "this symbolizes my love." But the word on the street is that Jessica bought her own ring. She's rich, he isn't. It's the modern thing to do. But sorry, it's just weird. It also makes her story fishy. How was she shocked and in tears when she had purchased the ring herself?

She may very well be in love, but when a couple who has only been together a few months starts proclaiming their love from the rooftops (especially when one is still married), it starts to seem a bit weird.

For her sake, I hope I'm wrong. In the meantime, I hope she signs an airtight prenup.

Papa Joe, help your girl out, will ya?

Do you think her engagement is a sham?


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