Your Parents Are Sex Gods (Just Ask Them)

old ladyThe world may come to an end after I say this, but it's official. If you're struggling with sex, there's no one better to ask than your parents.

The baby boomers think they know everything about, well, everything. So is it any surprise they've crowned themselves the sexiest Americans too? In a survey by the Associated Press, the boomers came off as cocky as always, with the majority saying there's no confidence issue in the bedroom, thank you very much. They think they know all there is to know about sex.

Considering they're done making babies and the next generation is charged with populating the world, it's time to get over the "ewww, that's Mom and Dad bumping uglies" factor and learn something from them.


Love those sweet, sweet fantasies baby

The boomers haven't let their minds go to waste as they face retirement age. As much as 72 percent of guys and 48 percent of women are having sexual fantasies. And they aren't about their actual sexual partner. This would explain any and all sales of Goldie Hawn posters in 2010. 

Marriage is overrated

At least when it comes to sex. Sixty-two percent of married boomers didn't wait to lose their virginity with the person who would be their spouse. And here we thought Mom and Pops have been together forever.

Women are smarter than men

Forget Mars and Venus. All you need to know is the numbers -- 59 percent of boomer women are convinced that they know all there is to know about getting down. That's compared to 48 percent of guys our Dad's age. No wonder so many men seem to be attracted to the sexy librarian stereotype. She's smart, and she knows how to use it.

Work it while you can

None of us want to think about the day we don't want to rip our partner's clothes off. But ladies, none of us has a super vagina and the female Viagra is still just a pipe dream. According to the survey, 56 percent of the female boomers say their sex drive has decreased as they have gotten older. Hear that? That's your biological clock, and it's ticking.

Sex isn't everything

Even though you should enjoy it while you can, the declining sex drive does not mean the end is nigh. The majority of boomers on both sides of the gender divide say they believe strong relationships can exist without getting it on. That's good news when you have a headache.

Are you going to ask Mom and Dad for sex advice?


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