Nightmare In-Laws -- Welcome to the Family, Kate!

Prince William & Kate MiddletonYou thought having a mother-in-law who takes over the kitchen was difficult. Kate Middleton has her work cut out for her, as she has to learn the princess ways from her grandmother-in-law, the Queen, who has been said to have an "air of propriety since infancy."

Bet she's lovely.

She's already snubbed her nose at the commoner once for strutting down a runway in her lingerie (but it was for charity!), so Kate better step it up to satisfy Queen Grandma.

In-laws are challenging enough as is, so hopefully the Queen doesn't already fall into one of these 11 typical MIL categories:


The Know-It-All: How wonderful it must be to have a MIL who knows absolutely everything there is to know in this world. Unfortunately, there's no such person, but lots of in-laws have the tendency to think that they do.

The Ultra-Religious: If Jesus suddenly becomes a common guest in a home after marriage, it's probably to please a mother-in-law. Some MILs have a tendency to thrust their religion upon their new daughters -- and any grandchildren they may have -- regardless of their personal religious views. You will go to hell if you don't listen to her.

The "You're Not Good Enough for My (Grand)Son": Let's just face it, isn't this all mothers-in-law?

The Nagger: Ah, the epitome of MILs. No matter what you do, the nagging mother-in-law is never satisfied, from how you mash potatoes to your ways of discipline for the kids.

The Snob: She shops at high-end boutiques, sips her tea with her pinkie raised, and turns up her nose at your fried cooking. But you're playing her game now, better step up sister.

The Gossip Queen: I'm sure her neighbor's sister's husband's cousin is a fascinating person, but you could really care less. When you have an MIL that is the yappy gossip gal on the block, you often find yourself letting the answering machine pick up when she calls.

The Overbearing: This is the MIL who looks over your shoulder while you cook, comes over to take care of your husband when he's sick, and takes it upon herself to clean your own home.

The Stranger: The only thing worse than an overbearing MIL is a distant one, especially when grandchildren are involved.

The Cheapskate: She cries poor when her bank account says otherwise. Let's just hope your sweet husband doesn't suggest her moving in to help her with finances.

The Drunk: Ah yes, grandma at Christmas is always entertaining when she's a bottle of wine deep. Oh holiday memories.

Nosy Rosie: She wants to know everything from your dress size to how your sex life is (eek!).

How's your relationship with your MIL? Does she fall into any of these categories?



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