Does Your Man Fake the Big O? Are You Sure?

Lying manHave you ever caught your man faking an orgasm? Even if you haven’t caught him, there is a chance that he has faked it.

A new survey shows that 17 percent of men have faked an orgasm before.

Huh? Is it really possible for a man to fake an orgasm and not get caught?

I didn’t even know that men could do that. It’s not like a woman faking it. All we have to do are some kegels and make a little noise.


And though I am not currently a faker, I have a friend or two who are. And the most popular reason they've given for faking it? That no matter what, they’re just not going to orgasm, whether they’re tired or not in the mood, and don’t want to hurt their man’s feelings.

But a man? First of all, why would he need to? I thought that the only issue men had was a little erectile dysfunction. And there are pills for that. But I guess that I'm wrong.

Men fake orgasms for the same reasons that women do:

  • They're tired, bored, or worn out and just don't want to, or can't, finish off the encounter.
  • They don't want to make their partner to feel bad.
  • They're not attracted to the person they're with.
  • It's a matter of pride. They feel that not being able to orgasm lessens their manhood.

So how do men pull off the fake "O"?

The easiest way to successfully fake an orgasm is by wearing a condom. A few body shudders, some thrusting, a little verbalization, and you’re done. Walk to the bathroom, pull the condom off, and no one is the wiser.

It’s a little harder to fake an orgasm if you’re going au naturel. Two things will help a guy here: lots of lubrication and a very excited partner.

The problem I see with men faking an orgasm is the same problem I have with women doing it: it's dishonest and has a negative effect on the intimate nature of your relationship.

Both men and women should be able to talk their partner about intimacy issues. And if they don't orgasm every time, it doesn't mean that the sky is falling.

Have you ever caught your man faking an orgasm?

Image via Katie Tegtmeyer/Flickr

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