Is Eva Longoria the New Jennifer Aniston?

jennifer aniston eva longoria
Out With the Old
jennifer aniston eva longoria
In With the New

Even though Eva Longoria is reportedly the one who filed for divorce, when your man is sending sext messages to another woman -- you've been dumped. Whether Tony Parker consummated the relationship is irrelevant; there was some kind of cheating going on, and Eva isn't standing for it.

After all, she's a mega TV star whose every move is catalogued by the paps. We want the gown she wore on the red carpet, we want her job, and yes, we want her hair.

Sound familiar?

It looks like Eva Longoria is becoming the next Jennifer Aniston.

  • The 35-year-old actress is at the top of her career in a show with a cult-like following.
  • Eva's high-profile husband is as beautiful as she is.
  • Tony Parker met the other woman (Erin Barry) at work -- she's the wife of his teammate.
  • Rumors about whether or not Eva wanted babies and Tony did have followed the couple since they became engaged.

It seems Eva and Tony were borrowing a page out of the Brad Pitt/Jen Aniston playbook. Now we can expect an admission from Tony and Erin that they did, indeed, fall in love (but Barry's not a husband-stealer, ahem) and couldn't stop themselves. Tony and Erin will began to procreate as if making up for lost time, and Eva will be spotted with a string of men that are just never quite right.

Of course with Eva taking on the role of the single woman to be pitied, does this mean the spell over Jen will be broken? She can only hope. Sorry, Eva, but you've chosen this road and must endure the humiliation of "Will she ever get married and have those babies??" from now on.

At least you'll still have your fantastic hair.


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