Does Michael Douglas' Ex Deserve His 'Wall Street 2' Money?

Michael Douglas's 2000 divorce was one of Hollywood's costliest, with his ex-wife Diandra reportedly being paid a jaw-dropping $45 million.

Their divorce agreement awarded her a share of proceeds from all the work he did while they were married, included the original 1987 Wall Street, but Diandra apparently saw no reason to stop there—she recently sued Douglas for half his paycheck from the current Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.


Diandra's side said her divorce deal gave her the rights to half of any money Douglas gets from any spin-off movies from that time period, including residuals, merchandising, and ancillary rights. According to her lawyer, Diandra should get paid for the second Wall Street movie too, because "it's the same character, the same title, just years later."

A Manhattan judge has dismissed the lawsuit, but Diandra plans to appeal.

I'm having a hard time understand the rationale for this move on her part. I get that their divorce was bitter, with accusations that Douglas was a philandering sex addict who constantly cheated, but how does that give her the right to keep taking his money? Especially when she's already taken so much?

Douglas married Diandra in 1977, when his career as an actor was just beginning. I can see how she probably felt like she was owed something for the years she stayed by his side, only to be eventually dumped for Catherine Zeta-Jones. Maybe taking his money was the only way she could punish him for not being faithful.

But still, it's been YEARS, you know? She got nearly $50 million already, for god's sake, and regardless of Douglas's behavior when they were married, his life and career have absolutely nothing to do with her now.

I think she sounds vindictive, petty, and more than a little obsessed. The whole thing reminds me of Gordon Gekko's memorable Wall Street quote: "The point is, ladies and gentleman, that greed, for lack of a better word, is good."

What's your take? Does Diandra Douglas deserve part of Michael's paycheck from Wall Street 2?

Image via Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

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