Cher Talks Sexual Conquests: Is She Too Old?

At 64, Cher has had a lot of sexually active years. Most of them were spent unmarried. So if she wants to tell David Letterman about her sex life, then why not?


The actress and singer and all-around superstar was on David Letterman the other night talking about her many (many!) sexual conquests over the years. They have included Warren Beatty, Tom Cruise, Elvis Presley ("Almost"), Gene Simmons, Eric Clapton, and more.

But she was quick to add, "There's lots more than that!"

I can't decide whether it's cool or gross. I'm going to go with cool. Here's why:


She is 64 years old. And while yes, she is full of filler and Botox and god knows what other forms of plastic, she is still a legal senior citizen, which we all will be sooner or later (god willing), and I certainly hope I'm still getting down and dirty at her age.

Admittedly, it's a bit discomfiting when grandma gets too explicit, but whose grandmother really looks like Cher? Let's face it, she has some hot stories to tell, so why wouldn't we want to hear them?

Our culture is so obsessed with youth and all its beauty -- high tight breasts, flat abs, line-less faces, but I have to imagine that despite the obvious physical drawbacks, getting older improves your sex life. After all, Cher has likely been sexually active for almost 50 years. That is a whole lot of experience under her belt.

I'm guessing she is likely better in bed than some 20-something who is only 5 years out from losing their virginity and probably still thinks they're fat. As we age, we let go of those silly things and we start to appreciate our bodies not for what they look like, but for what they can do.

All this is a long way of saying older women can be hot, hot, hot. And they don't have to be hot in the same way as younger ones, either. It's in the attitude and the wisdom. So, go for it Cher! I want to hear all about your conquests ...

And then some!

Do you think older women should stop talking about sex?

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