Kate Middleton Fairytale Worth All She's Giving Up?

Prince William & Kate MiddletonIt's hard to feel sorry for Kate Middleton -- after all, she's literally living out a fairytale -- but the crown comes at a hefty price. She may be gaining a "happily ever after" with love of her life Prince William, but she's having to give up quite a bit in order to do so.

Her privacy (which has steadily declined since she and Will started dating a little over eight years ago), her time, her family, and her career must be put on the back burner.


Sorry Kate, but all of those nights spent studying for exams in college were pointless. The most use that she'll be getting from her Art History degree will be conversing about the paintings hanging in Buckingham Palace. Any career path that she was following (she was working with her parents selling children's party supplies through a successful online business) must be put to the side, as now she must focus on her official duties as the future queen-in-waiting.

Her calendar will be planned out for her, packed with charity events and royal appearances, and I'm guessing they don't leave much room for girls' nights out with her friends. Everything she does, from her wardrobe style to the words she uses in interviews, will be analyzed. Even her family will be bullied -- the paparazzi have supposedly already had a go at her hardworking mum ... just because she chews gum.

And just imagine having to deal with a grandmother-in-law who is an uppity cranky old queen! I guarantee her stories will be able to trump any of our mother-in-law woes.

Every little girl dreams of being a princess, but those dreams often give way to real ones -- having a family, landing an amazing job, living on your own, etc. In Kate's case, it's the complete opposite.

Is it worth it? Would you be able to give up your privacy, heck, your life, for love? 


Image via esther1616/Flickr

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