5 Real Reasons Jessica Simpson Is Happy for Nick Lachey

Jessica SimpsonJessica Simpson says she's happy for ex-husband Nick Lachey and his fiancé Vanessa Minnillo. But is she really?

Would you be happy if your ex got engaged? What if he got engaged and you weren't engaged or married?

While Jessica seems happy and is saying all of the right things, she had to be hurting at least a little bit inside. After all, Nick was really her first love both in the bedroom and out.

I'm sure it helps that six months ago, Jessica found a love of her own in former football player Eric Johnson.

And that last week, just days after Nick and Vanessa announced their engagement, Eric got down on bended knee and proposed to her. Jewelry and the love of a recently divorced man can do a lot to raise up your spirits.

Here are 5 reasons why Jessica should be happy about Nick's engagement:


1. Because it keeps Nick's name active in the media. And Jessica's name is forever linked to his. Really, neither has done much career wise since they divorced and having almost simultaneous engagements caused a media blitz. When are they going to release a duet?

2. The engagement means that Nick's definitely off the market and will be spending the rest of his life with Vanessa. Jessica is spoken for too but look at her roster of men between Nick and Eric: Adam Levine, Dane Cook, John Mayer, and Tony Romo. And that's not all of them. So, even though Nick was her first, experience has helped her expand her definition of good loving. And Vanessa can have him.

3. Because Nick didn't get engaged to somebody with a lot of pizazz and talent like Katy Perry. As a matter of fact, both Nick and Jessica are engaged to people who are formers: Vanessa Minnillo is a former MTV VJ and Eric Johnson is a former football player.

4. Both Jessica and Vanessa split from Nick during their courtship but then reconciled with him before they got engaged. Is there a pattern here? Jessica must be happy to have broken the pattern by getting engaged to Eric six months after they met. No time to break up and reconcile.

5. Jessica's engagement ring from Nick has been estimated to have cost about a half million dollars. Vanessa's engagement ring? Rumored to have cost $125,000. And some women say they don't care about size.

I'm happy you seem happy, Jessica. Really I am. But all of this talk about no pre-nup makes me nervous for you. And rushing into marriage after such a short courtship? To someone who just got divorced? The timing seems suspect.

You seem to be a nice person so I have to ask, "What's the rush?" It's not like you're going to be a virgin on your wedding night.

Do you think Jessica is truly happy for Nick and Vanessa?

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