5 Real-Life Love Potions -- Why Science Says They Work

Harry PotterAs we learned in Harry Potter, it is impossible to create love -- even in the wizarding world. But, as the Weasley brothers discovered, you can concoct a potion that causes the drinker to become powerfully infatuated with the person that gave it to them.

Love potions were a favorite amongst the girls at Hogwarts, but what about real life? Do love potions truly exist?


Yes and no.

It is impossible to replicate true love, since it's an emotional, cognitive process that's based on experiences and memories. There's no scientific pill for that. But it has been proven that there are specific chemicals related to emotional states similar to love.

A chemical hormone called a pheromone stimulates the part of our brains that increases our feelings of longing and attraction. Based off of that, various oils and perfumes have been created that include these pheromones, which supposedly attract the opposite sex.

Essence OilEssence Oil ($27.95): A pheromone product for women that may be worn alone or together with a fragrance. The effect is purportedly strong and causes immediate sexual attraction.

love potionLure for Her ($17.85): A new scientifically designed fragrance that combines the ancient secret of pheromones and modern science. The blended scent will supposedly "bring him to his knees."

love potionPure Instinct ($5.57): This fragrance oil is specially infused with pheromones to stimulate sex appeal and sends out subconscious romantic signals to the opposite sex. I actually have a bottle of this that I bought for fun during a bachelorette party -- will have to put it to the test.

love potion

Human Euphoria ($12.79): This natural aphrodisiac is based on the isolation and synthesis of unique pheromone compounds.

love potion

Pherone Formula W-1 ($34.95): Contains a blend of copulins and pheromones. Independent research has shown that the copulins in this formula increase men's testosterone levels by 150 percent in minutes, and the additional pheromones provide an aura of youthful attractiveness.

The success rate of many of these types of so-called love potions is due to the placebo effect. Sure, the pheromones are likely to send off some sort of chemical signal, but the idea that you're more attractive initially makes you, well, more attractive. You're confident, carry yourself better, and are more sociable. Thus, you get more attention from the opposite sex. That ain't the potion darling, that's simply you.

True love is our real-life magic. Why would we want to try to tamper with it?

If love potions were real, would you use them?


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