Keeping Your Marriage Healthy, Mother-in-Law Issues & More News

weddingYou did the dating scene, met the man, got the bling, and tied the knot. Now you're supposed to be living happily ever after. But as my married friends constantly remind me, marriage isn't all rainbows, butterflies, and consistent sex.

  • When this writer's mother-in-law showed up with a bag full of grceries, she of course immediately got defensive, as most of us in the new wife mode would -- Does she not trust me to take care of her beloved son?? But she was quick to learn that food is the universal sign for love, even between daughter and mother-in-laws. -- Your Tango
  • A recent shocking poll revealed that 72% of women thought about leaving their husbands at some point or another. But even though they had their rough patches, 71% truly believe they would spend the rest of their lives with their husband. So how do they do it? They chock it up to these 9 ways on keeping your marriage healthy through the  "or for worse" times. --
  • China heirlooms? Check. Monogrammed towels? Check. Husband who want to spend the rest of your life with? Eh. So many women want the life of marriage, the idea of it it, that they're quick to jump into it without giving a thought to what it means. It's their starter marriage. -- Bounce Back


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