Kendra Wilkinson: 5 Things About My Love Life

kendra wilkinson sex lifeTrying to figure out Kendra Wilkinson's love life is more complicated than Sudoku when you're drunk. However, the playmate and mom to baby Hank has given us a lot to go on recently, what with her every move being broadcast and analyzed.

From her hate of Minnesota, to her love of attention, here are five things we can assume about Kendra Wilkinson's love life.

  1. Is it true you can't get pregnant via long-distance relationship? Even if your man has a really big . . . travel budget?
  2. Screw the grandparents, Skype is for big Hank and I to get freaky. Phone sex is sooo 1998.
  3. The only other way my husband sees me naked lately is in Playboy. Which rocks, because he thinks I've really gotten back to my pre-baby body.
  4. Who else loves taco meat? Mmmm, hairy goodness.
  5. You have to wake up pretty early to sell my sex tape before I do.

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