Dreams That Spell Doom for Your Relationship

Ever had a dream where you and, say, George Clooney were enthusiastically going at it ... only to wake up next to your husband and feel very much like you owe him an apology?

Turns out that dream isn't so bad. According to Dream Doctor Kelly Sullivan Walden, dreaming about cheating on your mate is really more about you. Sex dreams can represent embracing the qualities of the person or people you're getting naked with and making them your own.

Dreaming about chasing somebody, though? Not so innocent ... it could mean you're attracted to the thrill of the hunt and looking for someone or something to complete you.

Ever dreamed about a zombie? Besides scaring the bejeebers out of you, it can mean you think your spouse is living on auto-pilot, or being controlled by an outside force.

Other dreams to worry about (and some not to):


Death: Not because it foretells the death of your spouse or anyone else, but because it signifies a change in a relationship or the end of a life phase. Thinking about getting out of your marriage? This dream could be telling you it's time to go; or at least go see a marriage counselor.

Falling dreams: This can mean you feel out of control in your life and are overwhelmed with whatever is going on. It can also mean you're "falling" into a deeper understanding of yourself.

Riding in a car with him driving: You're letting your spouse "take the wheel" in your lives.

Of course, not all dreams are messages from your subconscious' underbelly; some are good. Dreams of overcoming obstacles together or eating a meal together are signs your relationship is strong; dreaming about marrying an ex means that you have a profound attachment to a part of you that existed then.


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