More Tools for Bad, Trustless Relationships

liars cardWhen this popped up on my TV, I thought Amy Poehler would pop up any second because it seemed so super-fake. I mean, who would want such a gross, scummy way to spy on your mate?

Oh right, I forgot: Lots of people.

This one is called The Liar's Card and you won’t believe what it lets you do. And the commercial, if you haven’t seen it, makes the “ShamWow!” guy look like Kenneth Branagh.


The Liar Card allows you to:

  • Change your Caller ID to say you are someone else.
  • Change your voice on the call, so a woman can sound like a man and a man can sound like a woman.
  • Secretly record the calls you make.

Before you go rubbing your hands together with evil glee, planning to catch someone doing something, remember: This can be used against you, too. Still think it’s groovy, or is your skin crawling now?

It even allegedly uses secret Israeli intelligence techniques to alert you when someone is lying -- sort of a verbal polygraph, or a slimmer version of that lady on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Check out the ad. In it, a woman says, “My boyfriend was ducking my calls so I made him think I was one of his best friends so he would pick up.” My question: Do you want to be in a relationship with someone like that? Or would this money be better spent on a congratulatory post-breakup girls' night out and maybe some therapy?

Warning: When you click on the site, you’ll be stuck on it for a couple of clicks -- the company is so scummy, they have pop-ups and other ways to try to prevent you from getting off their site. It only takes a few extra clicks, but: Gross.

Would you want to get within 10 feet of this nonsense, or is this company just preying on drama queens? Tell us in the comments!


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