Mind Sex -- The New Adultery

broken heartA woman in Italy just lost her husband because she thought about having sex with another guy. Yes, thought it.

A court decided that was enough evidence to give the guy an annulment. Anyone else thinking this sounds a bit too much like a bad Tom Cruise movie about futuristic cops who cuff you before you can commit a crime?

We've heard of emotional infidelity, but anyone who says they've never admired a person other than their spouse, maybe even felt a little tingling in their lady parts, is kidding themselves. It doesn't mean we're ready to jump in the sack. It means we're still a few pumps of blood short of needing female Viagra.

The real problem here is a guy who can't take his wife talking to him openly about her feelings. Buddy, it works both ways.

If a woman just thinking about another guy in her bed is enough to get this woman's marriage annulled, we're thinking the following are grounds for immediate divorce:


1. He smelled her perfume, and he liked the way it smelled. Is that olfactory infidelity?

2. He snores, and it's driving you into another man's bed.

3. He ate brownies from the communal table at work, and he raved about how good they were. Affair by stomach acid.

4. He shared a pizza with someone else. They ate from the same box. Did their cheese intermingle?

5. He noticed a certain member of an NFL team was not wearing a cup. Why did he notice that?

6. He got naked in the gym locker room, without letting the place clear out first. Clearly he was putting the goods on display.

7. He played Lara Croft, Tomb Raider. Don't tell us he didn't notice those boobs.

8. Your dog doesn't like him. Dogs are a good judge of character, so he must be cheating.

What are the most ridiculous reasons for divorce that you've heard?


Image via roland/Flickr

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