Drive-Thru Sex Shop -- Want Fries With That?

sex shop
Not the drive-thru shop, but add a side window,
knock down the brush, and there ya go!
Oh those Southerners sure do know how to get the party started -- fast. Not only are there drive-thru liquor stores -- not just liquor bottles but actual daiquiri quick-stops (true story, in Louisiana) -- but now there are drive-thru sex shops.

In Huntsville, Alabama, where ironically sex toys are illegal (don't ask me how I know this ... I'll just say that I did live a year in Alabama once upon a time), a store called Pleasures has popped up from what appears to be the ruins of a former bank and turned into the country's first sex-toy drive-thru service.

P.S. Careful how you read that ... I originally read "Sex Toy Drive" and whoa did that cause some confusion.


So is this not the most awesome thing ever? Going into a sex shop is probably one of the most uncomfortable experiences that I've ever had. And let's face it, how much does it suck when your vibrator breaks and you have nothing to, er, relieve the pressure? Ordering online isn't exactly an option in that situation. Not to mention, you have that it's-overly-trying-to-not-be-obvious code word for it on your credit card bill.Yeah, your bank knows.

Good job, Alabamians ... finding an outlet for us shy and sexually frustrated folks! Now, because most of us have the humor of a teenage boy (admit it), let's see how many sex/food references we can guess the drive-thru workers will hear if these shops become a nationwide trend:

  1. Yes, I'd like to supersize my order.
  2. Foot-long please.
  3. This is a service for those that love quickies.
  4. You can leave off the white stuff, thanks.
  5. I want an extra thick one.

Have any witty sexual food references to add to my list? Would you use a sex toy drive-thru?


Image via StagShop/Flickr

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