Want a Happier Husband? Hand Him a Mop

Despite what you'd think from watching TV, most husbands these days are pretty aware of the need to share the work that goes into maintaining a house and raising children. And while that's definitely been good for women, one could wonder what's in it for the guys. After all, they had it pretty good there for awhile, never having to do a dish or change a diaper.

Actually, though, men are happier when they do more of the housework, spend more time with their kids, and have a partner that works about the same amount of hours that they do.

I'd be willing to say that the reason for that is because those husbands have wives that are less exhausted, like them more, yell at them less, and are up for sex more frequently than men who come in, drop their briefcase, and ask, "What's for dinner?" before they go off to watch the news.


Finding the right distribution of tasks proves to be a struggle for many couples, and even people who mostly are fine with how they split tasks can find themselves having conflicts sometimes. Others spilt everything, and I mean everything, right down the middle.

Mark and Amy Vachon literally wrote the book on this method, which they call Equally Shared Parenting. The central principle is that everything, not just chores but all the work that goes into running a family, is everyone's job. There's no "his jobs" and "her jobs"; there's a lawn that needs to be mowed, a meal that needs to be cooked and cleaned up, and money to pay for the lawn and the food that needs to be earned, and all of it is both of their responsibility.

I've interviewed them, and while they acknowledge their life isn't free of conflict, they both seem really happy with the balance they have achieved. And the stats seem to back them up.


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