Carrie Prejean: Married and Pregnant & That's Not Fair

carrie prejean married pregnant
I'm Married & You're Not!
Former Miss USA contestant Carrie Prejean
announced today that she and her husband, NFL quarterback Kyle Boller, are expecting a baby. I'm guessing she announced this news in anticipation of congratulations, as well as to alert the paparazzi so they can start seeking her out for those popular "baby bump" shots. Here's one person that won't be offering Mrs. Boller any congrats -- me.

If you recall, Carrie Prejean launched herself into the public conversation while answering a question about gay marriage during the USA competition. Prejean told the out and loud blogger, Perez Hilton, that she didn't believe gay people should be allowed to be married, and it was the shock heard 'round the world. Some say it cost her the Miss USA crown, I just think it lost her a lot of respect.

And now the former Miss Prejean is flaunting her married and pregnant self around the nation. She needs to shut it.


Getting married should be a right for every human being. By telling a certain group of people that she doesn't "believe" in their rights, Prejean should allow that perhaps some people don't believe in hers either.

Of course reverse-bigotry doesn't get anyone anywhere. And since I'm not as closed-minded as the beauty queen, I do support her right to marry and have children. It doesn't mean I think it's fair that she can enjoy these lifestyle choices while others cannot, or have to jump through hoops to adopt a child because they aren't listed as "husband" and "wife" on a piece of paper.

Prejean's flaunting of her privileges while others are denied is unseemly at best, hate-filled at worst. It's like saying, "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, I have two legs -- but you shouldn't be allowed to have them also."

So Carrie -- good for you that you're living out the American Dream. But until you can accept that everyone should have the same rights that you enjoy, keep it to yourself.


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