Is Jon Gosselin Addicted to Bossy, Aggressive Women?

Jon GosselinJon Gosselin apparently has yet another spicy woman in his life. He and his girlfriend, Ellen Ross, recently got into a brawl at Taco Bell.

So incredibly classy, right? But the fact that it was because he thought employees were making fun of him, well, that's kind of sad.

To make matters worse, his woman Ross just can't seem to let the incident go and has filed a complaint with the company demanding at least one person be fired.

"I expect it to be resolved immediately since there is no excuse for your employees to make a spectacle out of us for their entertainment when they need to be doing their jobs, so instead they violated our privacy," she stated. "I surely hope this employee whom I see frequently (the one with the wrap) can be terminated immediately."

Trying to axe someone who likely makes less than $10 an hour over some snickering?

Sounds a little bossy and cold ... and perhaps a little familiar, no? Seems like Jon has a bit of a "type."


Of course there was Kate Gosselin, whose bossiness is legendary and hard to match.

From her temper tantrum on Dancing With the Stars to reports of her firing help in droves, it's pretty safe to say Kate and Ellen may be at least cut from the same cloth -- I'm thinking Lycra, perhaps?

Kate also displayed a little of her icy side on Halloween when reports say she apparently had her bodyguard drive the kids around to trick or treat while she slept in the van. They were supposedly under strict orders not to wake her.

And perhaps most aggressive and bossy in his string of women -- Hailey Glassman.

Remember how aggressively she went after his manhood after they broke up earlier this year?

He was so small I didn't think he would cheat on me ... He's hung like a nine-year-old boy. I'm serious. This is true.

His choice in women certainly doesn't excuse him from his own bad behavior. In fact, he may just drive them to the point of rage.

Whatever the case, it appears all that aggression may be rubbing off on the children too. Reports say both Alexis and Collin have been expelled from school for bullying other children and that they have "rage issues" and "problems with anger management."

Sad, if true. But really, how are children supposed to learn to control themselves if the adults in their lives don't control theirs?

Why do you think Jon Gosselin continues to be attracted to the same kind of woman?

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