10 Hidden Benefits of Sex: Like You Need More

bed of rosesThere's a reason you don't need a degree to have good sex. The ingredients seem pretty simple. Partner you have chemistry with, plus fun, plus orgasm = good sex, right?

Yeah, maybe not. Because you can have all the mind-blowing hotness in the bedroom that you want, but no one feels great about sex when they're doing the walk of shame later. Turns out there's another ingredient to that sexy recipe.

Add in "a good reason for doing it."


A new study in the Archives of Sexual Behavior claims sex is more satisfying if we go into it with the right intentions. 

You'll be more satisfied when having sex out of love and commitment. Not surprisingly, if you're sleeping with someone to get a self esteem boost or get some sort of material gain, it doesn't qualify as good sex. It turns out the corner office with the view really wasn't worth it.

We all know we want good sex, so what are some really good reasons to knock boots?

To Lose Weight: Sex burns an estimated 150 to 250 calories per half hour.

To Live Longer: A Duke University study found “frequency of intercourse was a significant predictor of longevity for men while enjoyment of intercourse was a predictor for women.”

To Make a Baby: You'll have to do it an average of 104 times before you get there. So have fun with it.

To Ensure You Can Make a Baby Later: Even if you're not up for it now, frequent sex (with protection) will keep jack up his sperm quality.

To Sleep: If you're too stressed to sleep, use that awake time to get frisky. The act will release endorphins to send you to dream land.

To Get Rid of Your Headache: Maybe the reason you have one is because you're sex-deprived, scientists say. Or they may just be really horny husbands.

To Help Your Depression: If you've ever wondered what semen is good for other than babymaking, here's another vote for man goo -- it's an anti-depressant.

Because You Hurt: Orgasms don't just feel good, they counteract pain. So bring them on -- lots of them, please.

To Stay Sexy: The body is known to secrete DHEA, an anti-aging hormone, during sex. It's cheaper than Botox.

For His Heart: This is not some romantic mumbo jumbo. Sex really is good for his heart -- it reduces his risk of heart attack.

Do you need a reason to jump in the sack tonight?

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