Man Allowed on CafeMom ... to Propose!

CafeMom coupleSure Seal might have proposed to Heidi Klum in a perfect custom-built igloo, and Tom Cruise asked Katie to marry him on top of the Eiffel Tower, but you know what? I have a story for you that will really make your heart melt.

Over the weekend, right here on CafeMom, one of our most active members got the surprise of her life.

A self-proclaimed CafeMom fanatic, Leslie (aka BradenIsMySon) was tinkering around in the Answers section, when suddenly an Achievement Award appeared on the screen. Now, for those of you unfamiliar with that section of the site, our members strive to collect these types of virtual rewards.

But for Leslie, this wasn't just any award -- this one was special.


will you marry me

When the proposal award popped onto the screen, Scott bent down, holding out a ring. As you can imagine, it took a few seconds to register, but was quickly followed by squeals and a "Yes!"

As I was sitting on the couch with him, he started playing around on his laptop and brought up CafeMom. This was not a new thing, so I was still in the dark ... although I did wonder why he was encouraging me to answer a question. I soon found a random question to answer just so I could get him to stop asking. The second I answered and the "Award" popped up, I was slightly confused ... then, seeing Scott get on one knee and open the ring box, it all clicked.

Scott wanted to pop the question in a customized and memorable way for the love of his life, so he wrote in to CafeMom with a request, "I have a dilemma, and I was hoping your staff might be willing to accommodate a unique request for a one-of-a-kind feature. My girlfriend is a regular user of your site and I recently purchased a ring, and I am planning to propose to her. I would like to ask if you will work with me to create a memorable experience for her." So our awesome team of developers went to work and created this customized award, with a picture of the bling, and planned the timing with Scott, who got the whole thing on film:

Seriously, does this guy not win Man of the Year or what?!

The couple, who met through an online dating site, have been together since May and are looking towards a possible June wedding.

Congratulations to Scott and Leslie!

How did your SO pop the question?


Image via BradenIsMySon


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