Happy Holiday Dating Blackout Period!

If the Advent calendar's out, you stay in.
If Facebook is any indication, we're in prime time for breakups right about now. Heading into the holidays and the end of the year, singles are looking at the person they've been hanging with for awhile and thinking, Do I really want to be kissing you on New Year's Eve?

So all these newly single people are back on the prowl right now, looking for their next relationship ... or at least a rebound fling. Sounds like a great time for finding dates, right?

Wrong, at least according to the proponents of the Holiday Dating Blackout Period. And by proponents, I mean my friend Dave and any of the single people he's shared this idea with. It goes like this:


No dating between Halloween and New Year's, possibly even Valentine's Day. None. Not a coffee date with an online flirtation, no asking a friend-who-might-be-more to the company holiday party, no promising blind dates. Nothing.

(I should note here I met my husband at a Thanksgiving Eve party at Dave's house, so he clearly realizes the rule does not apply to everyone, or at least that there's not some sort of bad juju in violating it since we've been happily married for 10 years.)

The idea is that the holidays are full of expectation-loaded, emotionally heavy events that can put way too much pressure on a promising early infatuation. A relationship needs to be on more solid footing before you get into all the holiday negotiations. All the pressure at this time of year to be coupled can lead you to trying to turn a dud of a relationship into something more.

You may want to bring your new love interest to the family holiday party so you can have a date and finally shut up the uncle who keeps bugging you about getting married ... but do you really want a guy in all the photos that you may not even be still seeing in a month? The same goes for gatherings that are a tradition among your groups of friends, and let's not even get into the Christmas gift thing. 

All told, you might be better off staying home and resuming your dating life once the decorations are put away.

Would you honor a Holiday Dating Blackout?

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