'My Big Friggin' Wedding' Recap: 'I'm Dominic. I'm Gonna Help Yous.'

my big friggin weddingMy Big Friggin' Wedding has been touted as Bridezillas meets Jersey Shore, and without a weekly dose of Pauly D in my life, I was immediately sold on this concept.

However, moments like Alyssa's stepdad, Larry, spilling beer on the couch (at least it was microfiber!) and Amanda calling her future mother-in-law's antique espresso maker "Huckleberry Finn or somethin' " that made the show's premiere so entertaining were replaced this week by the harsh reality of wedding costs.


Let's start with my personal faves, entrepreneur Johnny Meatballs and his pregnant fiancee, Megin with an "i," who's hoping to "pop that kid out" before the big day so she can drink at their wedding, of course.

While shopping around for wedding venues two-and-a-half months before the big day, they find a suitable venue run by Dominic, who offers to throw in a roast pig and declares, "I'm Dominic. I'm gonna help yous." Johnny Meatballs was sold, and so was I.

But, after crunching numbers for a torturous half hour, Megin determines the grand total: $10,635. Unfortunately, this seems to conflict with Johnny Meatballs's plans for an "all-in-one" Italian village that offers gelato, pizza, and — surprise! — a meatball stand. So when Megin sees how cute her future mother-in-law's backyard looks at her baby shower, she cuts Mom a deal: She'll have the wedding there if she can have the extra dough to invest in the meatball biz.

Mama Meatballs doesn't seem convinced, but something tells me Megin will get her way.

Elsewhere in the Jerz, Tammie blows her and Danny's budget on a floral collar for her dog, and Danny doesn't understand why they can't just pick up some flowers at Pathmark. His observant daughter, Samantha, reenacts this debate with imaginary hand puppets (something she no doubt learned in family therapy).

Joey and Sandra, who are living with Joey's parents to save money, argue after she's "ambushed" into lending a hand in the kitchen. Sandra throws a temper tantrum and admits she's hit a wall; she hates her job and she wants to quit, but feels pressured to keep working to make money for the wedding, which is only six weeks away. The next day she quits without consulting Joey. Now she can join Joey's floor-sanding business!

Matt and Amanda, who met while her previous boyfriend was doing hard time, dole out a whopping $1,300 for "pocketed" wedding invitations. Matt complains that Amanda has no concept of what this wedding is costing him, yet writes the check and keeps his mouth shut, only bitching to the cameras and later to his buddy that Amanda is spending too much on alterations ($800, to be exact).

Hard-partying parents Alyssa and Tyler, meanwhile, consider ordering an ice luge for their big day, since she's "pretty sure" there was one at the party where they met. You know, just like she "thinks" she's ready to marry her baby daddy. It is soon revealed that her mom cheated on Larry, and Alyssa has the tough task of telling her beer-spilling stepdad that he can no longer walk her down the aisle. Rough.

Which Big Friggin' couple can you relate to, if any?


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