Vanessa Minnillo $125K Engagement Ring Revealed!

Vanessa Minnillo & Nick LacheyGotta hand it to Nick Lachey, the guy sure does know how to pick engagement rings. He finally put a ring on longtime girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo's finger and boy it's a doozy.

He shelled out $125,000 for the diamond about which she's said that she "loves." Well, duh. What girl wouldn't?

So exactly what does a $125K diamond ring look like?







A source tells Us Weekly that it's a 4-carat platinum Asscher cut center diamond with trapezoid cut diamonds on either side from jewelry designer Bader & Garrin. I checked out the company's website and this is the ring that most closely resembles the description:

Vanessa Minnillo engagement ring

Holy cow, what a rock!

And it's completely different than the one he bought for his ex-wife Jessica Simpson, which tells me that he really tries to pick a ring that suits the woman (which is more than I can say for some men). Jessica's was a 3.5-carat, three-stone pear-shaped ring, similar to this one:

Jessica Simpson Engagement Ring

Completely different look, but both rings are absolutely stunning. Vanessa's is more of a classic look, while Jessica's is modern and flirty. Nice job, Nick!

Whose engagement ring do you like better? Vanessa's or Jessica's?


Image via Hannah Foslien/Getty,,

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