Bret Michaels: 5 Things About My Love Life

bret michaels love lifeWhat a year it's been for the former Poison front man, Bret Michaels. First his brush with death, followed by his Celebrity Apprentice win, and now Trish.

A professional in the ways of love, Bret is no stranger to attracting wanted, and unwanted, attention from the ladies. That is why we can say confidently, the following five things must be true about Bret Michaels' love life:


1. Listen up, I'm no wife-stealer. A porn star shagger, but not a wife stealer.

2. Again, Trish is not my new lady. She hasn't gone through even one of the challenges I asked her to yet, so she's about to be eliminated.

3. If you become my newest lady/reality show winner, I might just let you see what's under the bandanna. NOT. Hahaha, you must think you're pretty special there, hot pants. No one knows what's really on top of my head.

4. Almost dying made me realize how important the big things in life were. Like getting married. Which means I dumped my girlfriend so I could find a wife through my newest reality TV show. Because that's how you find true love, judging someone's dirt bike skills.

5. Besides, Trish? Don't you think I'd be going for Miley? I'm still a rock star, damn it.


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