Flirting Styles, Sexy Cavemen & More News

coupleEveryone loves a good study -- a study to find the cure to cancer, evidence of the beginnings of the creation of Earth, and of course, the most important topic of all: sex and relationships of the human race. Here are some of the most recent:

  • Scientists came together to come up with five different styles of flirting. They are the physical flirts, traditional flirts, polite flirts, sincere flirts, and playful flirts. Personally, I tend to be more of a sincere flirt -- flirting with people that I truly want to have an emotional connection with. Which category do you fall into? -- Lemondrop
  • According to a recent study, cavemen really got it on. And they didn't even need sex toys to spice things up! (Unless they did have sex toys, which means they used materials like wood and rocks -- ouch!). Findings have learned that males had higher levels of testosterone, implying that they were far more promiscuous than today's modern man. -- Daily Mail
  • Have you ever wondered what makes for good sex (besides the obvious reasons)? A study delved into just that, claiming that the reason for having sex has much more of an impact than the number of orgasms. It shows that men have less than satisfactory sex if they're doing it to boost their self-esteem, but it's much more hot if it's in order to get "goods" or favors" ... hmm. And it was opposite for women -- doing the deed to receive material goods or to get ahead gave to a less than satisfying experience, but we're more satisfied when it's done because of love and commitment (it took a study to find that out?). -- MSNBC


Image via kainr/Flickr

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