Kanye West: That's My Penis!

kanye west penisYet again, Kanye West does the opposite of what more media-savvy celebrities do (does he even have a PR team?) after photos, like the one seen here, were getting spread around that show the rap star naked from the waist up, then another accompanying shot of his penis bursting out of his short-shorts. Put them together, and you've got a full frontal Kanye.

But instead of avoiding, denying, deflecting, Kanye came out and proudly said that it was his penis in the photos. In fact, he references the fact that he rapped about this same scenario of sending out pictures of his member in "Runaway" when he says:

"She find pictures in my email/I sent this girl a picture of my dick!"

So was he sending out penis pictures on MySpace just so he could promote "Runaway"? Is he that much of a literalistic nut-job? And who uses MySpace anymore?

More importantly, how does he get away with this sh**?


We keep forgiving Kanye and his crazy, ego-maniacal outbursts because he's so damn good. His latest video for "Power" was an extraordinary work of art. But it was necessary after his childish behavior at last year's VMAs where he humiliated Taylor Swift (and turned her into an international sensation).

So as long as he keeps producing outstanding work, do we keep ignoring his sociopath-like tendencies? If anyone else sent out photos of his erect penis (well, except Brett Favre), it would be humiliating. Instead it's just another day in the Kanye West universe. As Jezebel says, it's not even shocking, and they've got the actual NSFW photos to prove it.

Really, what does Kanye have to do to lose all credibility?

Are these photos shocking to you?

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