It's Breakup Season on Facebook! Time to Snag Your Date

Facebook logoSingle ladies, if you're not on Facebook, the countdown is on to set up your profile and scoop up a man. Come December, the social network could be the hottest spot to pick up a date.

Facebook told us so!

Because they haven't learned any lessons from all those pesky lawsuits telling the company they're way too up in our personal business, Mark Zuckerberg and Co. have been poking around in our relationship-related status updates in the past year trying to come up with another reason to make us feel like we're being watched.


They claim they're just trying to make us feel better. By tracking break-ups, they can ensure that photos of our exes don't show up in that random sidebar image selector. Because nothing makes you feel worse than a reminder that you haven't talked to "Joe" in awhile, and aww, look at that photo of him kissing ... oh, um ...

But while they were at it, the Facebook snoops techs have scanned the site for statuses using the words "broken up" or "breakup" to determine there are certain times of the year that make the number of singles on Facebook surge. There's the time right after Valentine's Day, the day of April 1, and a two-week span leading up to Christmas.

All the cheapos who are going to lower the axe rather than buy a gift are predictable enough that the single swarm can hang out just in time to get in on the action. You can scoop up a rebound relationship right in time for a little kissing under the mistletoe. And with a love that fresh, you're not required to buy a gift.

Of course, you may not want to put too much stock into ye olde Facebook's statistics.

Experts estimate more couples end up getting engaged on Christmas than any other day of the year, so that break-up could be a short lived case of cold feet followed by a passionate rejoining of souls ... leaving you to weep into your figgy pudding alone.


Image via Facebook

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