6 Celeb Husband Stealers Who Get a Pass

LeAnn RimesWoo doggie, everyone’s up LeAnn Rimes’ butt about being a “husband stealer.” The editor of Shape even apologized for having her on the cover of their magazine -- a magazine about working out and being athletic. What does that have to do with how Rimes conducts her romantic life?

Anyway, she’s far from the first celeb to make off with someone else’s mate. Yet somehow she’s getting treated far worse than anyone else. Can you say “Angelina?” And “Cover of Vanity Fair?” And “no apology from Graydon Carter?”

I knew you could. How about these other celebs? Should they be shunned as well, or is this all just a bunch of finger-wagging hysteria and hypocrisy?


Angelina Jolie is a repeat overlapper. Most recently, of course, she whisked Brad Pitt out of Jennifer Aniston’s grasp, but how many remember that Billy Bob Thornton was engaged to Laura Dern when he took up with the irresistible, and socially bullet-proof, Jolie?

Julia Roberts has been with Danny Moder for almost 10 years now, but when she met him -- yep, he was married.

Barbara Walters
revealed on Oprah that she’d had an affair with a married senator, Edward Brooke.

Everybody loves peeping at Alicia Keys’ brand-new baby boy, but her husband, Swizz Beatz, was married to Mashonda when they met -- and the lesser-known pop star insists she was the reason for the split.

Tori Spelling
has a super-cute reality show about her family, but nobody seems to remember her husband, Dean McDermott, was married and had just adopted a child with his then-wife when they hooked up.

Elizabeth Taylor
actually did shock Hollywood when she “stole” Eddie Fisher from Debbie Reynolds … but nobody ever apologized for having her on a magazine cover.

Don’t get me wrong here: I’m not accusing these stars of being husband-stealers. Life is complicated, and I don’t pretend to know what was really going on behind closed doors or when papers were signed. I certainly don’t know all the hookup details of my friends and their husbands -- celebs are under a microscope that’d make any relationship wither.

I’m just saying: Why is LeAnn Rimes getting crapped on when nobody seems to care most of the time? I haven’t even gotten into the fact that she’s a country singer. Country fans, am I right -- isn’t Nashville rife with overlapping relationships that are better left uninspected?!

Do you think LeAnn Rimes is getting unfair treatment? Can you “steal” a husband that doesn’t want out in the first place? Tell us in the comments!


Photo via Yodel Anecdotal/Yahoo! Inc.

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