7 Strange Break Up Stories: Bed Bugs, Allergies & More

bed bugs break upAs if dating in New York City weren't difficult enough, apparently couples are breaking up all over the place because of bed bugs. One exterminator has seen it happen, and another woman interviewed said her dates aren't interested in whether she has STDs, just bedbugs. While I'm thinking that is dramatically misguided, I also don't live in NYC right now where the bedbug infestations are scaring people into being alone.

Still, I've got a feeling if bed bugs break you up, you probably weren't meant to be together in the first place. Of course there are far stranger reasons to break up other than a bug infestation.

Perhaps you've even got one to share?


Talking in Your Sleep

As someone who often talks in my sleep, I'm just thankful I'm not a Muslim living in West Bengal where you are divorced if you say "talaq" three times. Akhtar and Sobena were not so lucky when Akhtar said this word three times in his sleep. According to the local clerics, Akhtar and Sobena were now divorced due to the offending word. As Cracked pointed out, unless Akhtar really did want a divorce, why in the world would they bring it up to the local law enforcement?

Lying About Your Age

When Cen asked Luo to marry him, she told him she was 24 years old. Turns out, she was actually 30. Luo managed to keep this secret for 10 years, but when Cen discovered she had lied, he divorced her. AFTER 10 YEARS. Wouldn't you think age was completely irrelevant at that point?

Local Custom

While both of these stories come from Saudi Arabia, I haven't found evidence to back up these weird divorce stories as commonplace. However, they are both baseless and both perpetuated by men, so maybe it's just super easy to get a divorce in Saudi Arabia ... if you're a man.

One man divorced his wife because his brother took their picture at the wedding ceremony.

Another, because his wife took too long in the airport bathroom while returning from their honeymoon.

Because It's Valentine's Day

A local radio station in Pennsylvania has a tradition of giving away a free divorce on Valentine's Day. You simply have to jump through some hoops to prove yourself worthy of the free divorce taken care of by an actual attorney. One year it was the best hate poem, another the best photo of you enjoying yourself without your spouse. Again, would you really wait for Valentine's Day to split in hopes of having someone else foot the bill? Perhaps that's not the healthiest thing to do.


A man filed for divorce claiming he was allergic to his wife's sweat. Testing ensued, and his claims turned out to be untrue. No one seems to have asked if he was only speaking metaphorically.

Because You're Dead

Another weird one from Cracked, "Joe" claimed his marriage was annulled when he "died" when his heart stopped a few years back. Furthermore, his heart apparently stopped a few times after that so if the first time didn't count, the second and third really, really should have. It seems Joe needs to spend more time clearing his arteries than coming up with clever ways to get out of his marriage.

What's your best break-up excuse?


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