New Spy App: The Perfect Gift for Paranoid Jerk Mates

sms spyHoly invasion of privacy, Batman! There's an Android app called SMS Secret Replicator that gathers text messages from someone’s phone, thereby letting you spy on your mate. (Or anyone else whose phone you have access to!)
No wonder the app was yanked off the Android Market within hours of the story’s publication!
Their smarmy defense? If you don’t want your privacy invaded, don’t leave your phone alone, and act in a trustworthy way. Never been in a relationship with a paranoid jerk, huh, app developer?
Anyway, I don’t need this app because I have a remarkably unobservant husband. A quick survey of my husband’s phone revealed these spicy secrets hidden in his SMS messages:

  • He and his friend Alex care way too much about the outcome of this World Series.
  • They also know way too much weird baseball trivia.
  • Apparently Pablo Sandoval has a bit of a weight problem.
  • Judging from the jokes they share, both he and his elder son (my stepson) have an emotional age of 14. (My stepson is the only one who is actually 14.)
  • Our toddler has almost smushed our baby more often than I’d realized.
  • I’m a bit of a bitch when I’m texted too often while working.

All in all, these are revelations I can do without. I certainly don’t need an app to tell me most of this information. Thank goodness my drama-filled years are behind me!
What do you think this app would tell you about your mate?

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