8 Reasons Men With Sisters Are Hotter

A recent study may have shown that boy rats with sisters are less sexy to women than boy rats who grow up with brothers, but for boy humans, the opposite is true.

Boys with sisters make the best spouses of all.

The study, which was published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, finds that male rats who grow up in female-centered homes are less attractive to female rats when it comes time to mate.

Who knew?

But rats aside, having a sister makes a man a much better, much more attuned spouse than a man who grew up around only boys or as an only child. And the reasons should be obvious.

Here are a few:

  1. They speak our language: We ladies are a complicated bunch and men who didn't grow up with females aren't aware of the subtlety with which we tell them they're wrong. Men with sisters are more attune, thus learn how to nip problems in the bud.
  2. They put the toilet seat down: Not much to explain on this, but seriously, as a mom to a boy, if there is one lesson I hope he gets loud and clear, it's this: Put the friggin' seat down. There is no excuse for anything other than compliance on this one.
  3. They pee in the toilet: I have lived with two men. One cleaned up any splatter. The other didn't. Any guesses as to which one had sisters?
  4. Better communication: Men with sisters know how to talk to women. They grew up doing it. They ask us how our days were and about our "feelings." Men with brothers just kind of grunt and talk about Monster Garage.
  5. Comfort with "female" things: Yes, boys. We use tampons and we shave. We also have babies and feed them with our boobs. Guys with sisters don't hesitate to pick up a box of tampons when they're at the store.
  6. Great dads to daughters: Obviously guys with brothers can also be great dads to daughters, but men with sisters start out that way. They get girls. Men without them? Not so much.
  7. Fashion sense: This only applies to men who had fashion-conscious sisters, obviously. But if they did, they have a valuable lesson few men without sisters get.
  8. They know how to kiss: Kissing siblings = vomit. But men with older sisters had friends of their older sisters to teach them how to kiss. Many men I know who had a slightly older sister also have strange stories about how one of her friends was his first kiss.

Does your husband have sisters? Does it make him a better husband?


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