Your New Husband in Your Ex's House: 8 Ways to Say Welcome!

man caveYou're getting married. Again.

Congratulations you brave girl you.

And your new husband, your second one, is moving into your house? The one where your ex-husband used to live?

Well, you're going to have to change some things up a bit to make him feel welcome.

Because even though it would be nice to move into a house that's new for both of you, it's just not practical. And it's also not practical to rid the house of everything from the first time. That china and silver will still come in handy. So will the pots and pans.

But there are a few things you can do to make him feel welcome in the house and to make him feel like it's his domain as well.

Here are some tips to help you turn your house into one that belongs to both of you:

  • Give your new hubby his own space in the house. A man-cave. And help him make it into a little sanctuary: a TV, computer, and maybe even a mini-refrigerator.
  • Change your bedroom around. Paint, move the furniture, and get new sheets. Maybe you'll even get new bath towels as a wedding present.
  • Remove all pictures of you and your ex-husband from the common areas. If you have kids, put the pictures with their dad in their rooms.
  • Get the house key back from your ex.
  • Change the alarm code to something that has meaning for the two of you. Like the date of the first time you went out or hooked up.
  • Make sure that his side of the closet is completely empty when he moves in. Even though you allowed yourself to expand into it when you got divorced, it's time to give it back.
  • Clear out the bathroom of all remaining ex-husband toiletries: old cologne, toothbrushes (use them to clean the grout), and, especially, condoms.
  • Incorporate some of his photographs and other belongings into the house. An old picture of him and his siblings, that lamp from the thrift store, and even that painting of the thoroughbreds racing to the finish line.

Do you have any other tips to welcome a new husband into an old house?


Image via Jennifer Cullen

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