The Other Sexy Thing You Can Do in a Car ... Besides Sex

Car mirrorWant to spend eight hours alone with your spouse or partner? I've got two words for you:

Road trip.

A road trip is a great bonding experience. Just the two of you, stuck in the car, with no interruptions. No kids, no computers, no housework.

No kids means no unending DVDs of Hannah Montana or iCarly. No listening to today's hits on the radio including that really annoying song by Far East Movement called "Like a G6."


No computer is a huge thing for me and my husband. I'm on mine a lot and he seems to be waiting around for me to get off of it. (Sorry.)

He and I recently went on a long weekend road trip to visit some family. In the 7 years that we've been together, we had never been on a road trip alone together. It's always been with friends or on our annual 11-hour road trip with our 3 kids.

The trip was great. The drive was a little longer coming back than going. And it was a unique experience to be awake and in each other's presence uninterrupted for that length of time. Overall, good for our relationship.

And I'd do it again. Wonder where we'll go next?

Here are a few road trip tips that I picked up along the way:

  • Start your drive as early in the day as possible. It's great to be able to watch the sun rise as you drive. And you'll get to your destination without feeling like you wasted a whole day driving.
  • Pack some snacks and drinks. And napkins. Try not to pack sugary, high carb foods. Fresh fruits are good as are a couple of sandwiches. And by all means, don't pack too many dark chocolate covered espresso beans. The buzz is great but talk about the crash and burn.
  • Make a road trip music playlist: Include songs for both of you and take turns being in charge of it.
  • Keep your talking on the cell phone to a minimum, even if you're the passenger. It's rude to be yakking on the phone when your partner is stuck in such a small space with you.
  • Take turns driving and let the non-driver be in charge of the navigation.
  • Don't be a nagging back seat driver.
  • Play it safe and keep (almost) to the speed limit. And no sex shenanigans in the car. It always looks like fun in the movies but in reality, it's not.

Have you road-tripped alone with your spouse or partner?


Image via *BGP*/Flickr

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