Free Sex Toys for Voters!

voting free sex toyThere's been a lot of talk about the enthusiasm gap this year, and the Democratic candidates, especially, are concerned about voter turnout. Would a free vibrator make you rock that vote, then go home and rock something else?

The sex shop Babeland wants to give voters some positive reinforcement. This Tuesday, after you vote, head into your local store (or make an online purchase using code 110210) to pick up your free silver bullet vibrator. This isn't the first time Babeland has offered up sex toys for doing your civic duty, but it certainly feels like now, more than ever, people need an incentive to get to the polls. A sexy incentive, apparently.

Times are tough, recovery is slow, and a lot of people are hurting out there. While a great vibe won't pay the rent, it will make you forget about it. For a little while, anyway.

You know what other sexy things would make me commit to vote?

  • Those super-extended vacations Europeans talk about, like, the entire month of August.
  • A federal no-work on Friday afternoon policy to encourage some afternoon delight.
  • One year paid maternity leave so I can care for my baby and my man.
  • Sexual health care coverage -- including birth control -- for all in need.
  • Federally subsidized lube.

Would you vote to get a free vibrator?


Image via Daquella manera/Flickr

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