'Glee' Boys in 'Playgirl'? Yes, Please

glee playgirlLet's have some equal opportunity youth exploitation here, shall we? After all that ab talk on last night's Rocky Horror Show Glee, it's time the boys of Glee put up or shut up. And Playgirl wants in on that action as well.

Mark Salling (the hotness that is Puck) and Chord Overstreet (Sam of the gold lame shorts) have been offered $100,000 to pose in Playgirl magazine. Unlike the Playboy offers floating around town, these two fellas won't even have to take it all off to get their cash.

If I were Oksana Grigorieva right now I'd be pissed.

Reportedly these guys already get $100K per episode of Glee, so it might take more than that amount to get them into their skivvies. Here are some more reasons why Chord and Mark need to take Playgirl up on the offer:

  • Because Finn will always be the star, but you guys can be the hotties.
  • Because I'm pretty sure Glee stars could save the dying print industry.
  • Because I'd really like you to. Pretty please?

Do you think Salling and Overstreet should pose for Playgirl?

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