Get Your Used Wedding Bands Here!

wedding ringsWhen you see a celeb is going to get married, the first thing the tabloids do is haul out a snapshot of her rock. So you'll pardon the one-track mind here, but with all these celebrity divorces, I always have to wonder: what the hell happens to the jewelry?

Heck, they're always floating that "50 percent of marriages end in divorce" statistic to terrify us keep us grounded. So what happens to all of those non-celeb rings?

Wonder no more. And pull out your wallet if you dare. There's an entire site built on wedding leftovers, and they're now selling designer jewelry sets too -- naturally at deep discounts for the thrifty bride or groom. So one woman's trash from the rat bastard really can be another woman's treasure. 

Or something like that.


Bravo Bride is like the eBay of the wedding world. You can buy used garters (ew?), used cake toppers, used bridesmaid dresses, and, of course, used wedding jewelry.

Some of them make at least a modicum of sense. Do you really need to store that Precious Moments cake topper for the next 50 years just to ensure your memories are intact? Take a picture, honey, it's worth 1,000 words. And it takes up a lot less space in your junk drawer.

But you wouldn't catch my stubby little fingers within 20,000 feet of these bloody divorce diamonds. Go on, call me superstitious. There's just nothing like knowing the person who put their wedding bands up for auction doesn't need them anymore to suck all the romance out of a proposal.

There's no telling how they ended up there, but there's one thing we do know: a wedding and engagement ring are part and parcel of "till death do us part." If it's already off her finger, you know something went wrong -- divorce, death, the economy. Or maybe she's selling it to get that set of boobs she always wanted.

Any way you slice it, it ain't good.

It isn't just the folks at Bravo Bride, either. I've watched too many episodes of History Channel's Pawn Stars to not be freaked out by the guys who enter the Vegas pawn shop intent on trading in their great grandpa's war rifle so they can get a big rock for their bride-to-be ... at the same store.

Nothing yells passion like getting somebody else's gems out of hock.

Would you buy used wedding jewelry?

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