Randy & Evi Quaid: Couples That Go Insane Together, Stay Together

Randy QuaidIf you believe in starwhackers, you may be the last American who thinks Randy and Evi Quaid are still just average citizens who have fled legal problems in hopes that Canada will give them asylum.

But after hearing their rant -- they believe a group of "starwhackers" are coming to get them just like they did Heath Ledger and David Carradine -- it's becoming more evident the crazies are feeding off each other.

The two were talented stars in their own right before they married in 1989, but they've been on the downhill ever since. It could be natural nuttiness, but a look back at the nuttiest couples over the years proves Rob Base and DJ E Rock were a little off -- it takes two to make a thing go wrong.


Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown. They were two mega stars building to a crescendo when they met at the Soul Train Awards in 1989. Then came years of drug abuse on both sides (he says she drove him to cocaine), his affairs, and domestic violence claims. Next thing you know America's Sweetheart is on ABC ranting at Diane Sawyer that "crack is whack." Oh Whitney, we will always love you.

Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen. He was the punk superstar bassist for the Sex Pistols whose star was rising. She was nicknamed Nauseating Nancy, but they loved each other anyway. Then she wound up dead under mysterious circumstances at the Chelsea Hotel -- with Sid high on heroin completely confused. He thought he might have killed her, but he couldn't live without her. His arrest was the beginning of the end -- he'd make bail only to die with a court never determining the true cause of Spungen's death.

Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow. Long before they were a Warren Beatty movie, they were the original bad boy woos good girl story. Parker was a spelling bee winner with a broken heart, Barrow had a string of arrests for safe cracking and auto theft. They met, fell in love, and a murderous rampage began!

Jim Morrison and Patricia Kennealy. There's a reason Kennealy named her memoir Strange Days: My Life With and Without Jim Morrison. The rock critic and the Doors' front man had a tumultuous relationship that included a "witch hand-fasting ceremony" for a wedding, and accusations that she killed him with the use of witchcraft. He's long since dead, but she is still around touting herself as an "author, Celtic priestess, retired rock critic, wife of Jim."

Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln. He may have been president of the United States at one of the standout periods of history, but Abraham put Mary Todd Lincoln through hell. Three of their kids died before reaching adulthood, and he was shot while holding her hand in a crowded theater. Is it any wonder she went crazy?

Do couples make each other nuttier?

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