Seven Words to Say After Sex ... According to Twitter

after sexThe current trend on Twitter is #SevenWordsAfterSex, which of course results in a tweeting rampage of seven-word sentences to say (or not say!) after a romp in the sack.

Some will make you laugh, some cringe, and a few might even make you blush. Here are our favorite seven things to say after sex (according to Twitter)


What not to say:

Kartoon101  Your mom was better at it yesterday. 

cookie_lover87  "I get more satisfaction from sneezing, honey"

racenerd  We do need to paint the ceiling

schmmuck  Hope the camera battery didn't die off

DontHitMyDM_WM  takeout the garbage on your way out

Lord_Voldemort7   Leave before I unleash my other snake.

davensjournal Could have sworn I put this on (in regards to a condom)

gemjays was it supposed to bend like that?

NameFieldEmpty The alien seed has now been planted

MzYanniB now i remember why we broke up

jarfogg Please tell me that was a toy

OsaGz: I just had a sex change yesterday


What you should say:

MsTiffanyBrown Kiss me so I can taste myself

the_bluesdriver i am never tired.......are you tired?

iBinyamin  this time let's go double or nothing

Billy_Dash woah, when did you learn that one

CutieThickness Damn you rocked my mother f*****n world

yourdreamgirl3 I bet the neighbors know my name

Which is your favorite? Can you think of #sevenwordsaftersex?

Image via Lite Speed Photography/Flickr

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