New Study: Women Like Cuddling, Chocolate & Don Draper

women like cuddlingLet's file this under "Duh": A new study shows that after sex, women like a cuddle. Men, however, prefer a stiff drink. The post-coital cuddle, researchers say, is rooted in our evolutionary journey: women need to foster a bond so there are two parents around to help raise the babies, while men are more interested in spreading their seed.

Translated in modern terms: men are moving on since they got what they came for, women are trying to hang on to the intimacy surrounding the sex act.

Of course if a man actually wants to get laid again, he adapts and engages in the bonding activities as well. Hooray for modern men!

Additionally, there are other way obvious things the ladies enjoy that we can discover without a study:

  • A sincere compliment
  • A Hawaiian vacation
  • The new fall boots
  • A man who offers to pay for dinner
  • Pint of Ben & Jerry's
  • Comfortable support garments
  • Equal pay for equal work


What study do you think is 100% unnecessary?

Image via elvissa/Flickr

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