Jenna von Oy & Brad Bratcher Wedding: Love Has Blossomed

Jenna von OyJenna von Oy doesn't move quite as fast as the frenetically paced Blossom character who made her a household name. The actress married Brad Bratcher this past weekend, but their wedding was a two full years in the making.

Von Oy met Bratcher in a bar -- exactly where her mom told her never to pick up a guy -- two years ago, and they got engaged last New Year's Eve.

And the woman best known for playing Blossom's best friend on NBC has proved life does not have to imitate art. In fact, it's better when it doesn't


So maybe she's still as fast as Six Lemeure in some ways. The average American engagement lasts 16 months, and von Oy got down the aisle in 10. But that's where the similarities end.

Von Oy did the marriage thing in a down-home way, taking her Dell computer data consultant fiance to her Connecticut hometown for the ceremony. And the setting couldn't have been more "real," with the von Oy and Bratcher exchanging vows in the garden of one of her childhood teachers. They even let their dog, Buster, take part in the ceremony.

Now a singer, von Oy has avoided most of the pitfalls of her lovable character. Known for pregnancy scares, dating older men and problems with alcoholism, Six was a loyal friend but a hot mess in life.

Von Oy, on the other hand, has kept it together, notable especially because she was a child star who had her first gig at 6 (starring with Bill Cosby on a Jell-O pudding pops commercial). These days she's got an active music and acting career with a mix of movie and TV gigs under her belt.

There have been no babies -- not yet anyway -- and at 39 to her 33, Bratcher is just six years her senior.

Best of all? Being Jenna von Oy and not Six Lemeure means this wedding was free of the floppy flowered hats that made Blossom a fashion don't of the nineties. Pheww.

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