What Does Your Facebook Photo Say About You?

The photo you choose as your profile photo on Facebook says a lot about you.

Don't believe me? Gawker just did a whole piece on the various Facebook stock photos from "The Portrait" to the "Far and Away" to "The Family Photo," and one thing was clear: the image you have when someone feeds your name into Facebook tells them all they need to know about your life in two seconds or less.

That is quite the impression. So what does your say? Are you alone or with others? Are you holding a beer? Your children? A wedding veil?

Choose wisely because people are judging.

My current Facebook profile photo is at left and I chose it for one reason only: the boots. Seriously. I love them. But enough about me, this is about you and what your photo is telling the world about you.


And while Gawker did a great job summing up what each photo says about the person, here are Seven Photos They Missed in their roundup:

  1. The Bikini Profile Photo: This is a desperate bid for attention. Sorry, but it is. That may not be how you mean it -- you may be proud of your weight loss or making a funny face or even love your hat in the photo -- but if you're in a bikini, you're saying look at me! I want your attention! I need validation of my beauty!
  2. The Constant Changer: There are some people on Facebook (and I may be one of them) who change their profile photo with their mood. This may be a sign of a mercurial personality (as it is in my case). But it might also be a sign of general discontent, an inability to commit. Watch these people closely.
  3. The "My Baby Is So Much Cuter Than Me": Gawker mentioned "The Family Photo" but this one is a special one that usually applies to moms and not dads. They make disparaging remarks about themselves and say how much cuter their kid is. It's your name on the page for god's sake! Be in the photo! Get some self-esteem lady. You are still you, baby or not.
  4. The "Sport" Photo: Look at me! I climbed a mountain! Look at me! I ran a race! Look at me! I am on a bicycle!
  5. The Static Never Changer: Much like the serial changer, this one sends a message, too. And that message is: I don't like Facebook.
  6. The No Photo: This is the person who has the default Facebook setting and is the most uncomfortable. Maybe this person is a serial killer or on the lam, but it's best to send them daily reminders or wall posts: "Hey dude! Put up a photo!" You might also try little jokes: "What? Are you so ugly you are afraid to show your face?" They will laugh and put up a photo. Or they will "unfriend" you. Either way, it's good to be rid of that freak. 
  7. The "Shadow": This one combines the best of all worlds. Maybe this person was on the beach and the sun was shining and their shadow looked vivid. Inevitably this photo says one thing and one thing only: "I am way, way cooler than you because I found a way to be in my bikini, doing a sport, using the Facebook default 'shadow,' and also be arty all in one shot." Bravo! Truly. Bravo.

What kind of photo do you have?



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