Lame Couple Costumes, Pornkins & More News

lock and key couples costumeHalloween is exactly a week away, and I couldn't be more excited. Halloween is hands down my favorite holiday, so let's start the celebrating early:

  • Girls like Halloween because it gives us an excuse to dress in cute (or slutty) outfits. But guys tend to like it because of the scary blood, guts, and gore. And being the good women that we are, we usually end up having to sit through a horrific, poorly acted zombie movie because of it. -- Glamour
  • If this year, you've somehow talked your man into doing a couples costume (how??), please just steer clear from these ten super lame ones. Him being able to "stick his key in you" in front of everybody is just a big no-no. -- The Frisky
  • Halloween gives most girls an excuse to dress skanky, but if you're not comfortable wearing fishnets and a sexed-up version of Strawberry Shortcake, you can still show your naughty side with your home decorations. Pornkins is a pumpkin-carving kit that helps you turn your innocent pumpkins into dirty gourd porn. -- Lemondrop


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