Lea Michele & GQ 'Glee' Shoot: 5 Things About My Love Life

April Peveteaux

lea michele gq shootYou may have thought you knew Rachel Berry, star of Glee and wearer of sweater vests. But GQ just showed us a heck of a lot more of the actress, Lea Michele who plays the hyper-ambitious teen on the weekly hit sing-a-long.

Given this over-the-top coming out, perhaps there are some things Ms. Michele is trying to tell us. Things about her love life, perhaps?

Here are 5:

  1. Who's the good girl now, haters?
  2. Listen, I didn't lose all that weight this season for nothing.
  3. Repeat after me: I'm Lea, not Rachel. I'm 24 years old, and I haven't been a virgin for some time.
  4. Although that pervy photographer did make me feel like an underage prostitute. Really? That's how it looks too?
  5. Wait. Why am I the only one in my underwear?


Image via GQ

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