Like Air Guitar? Try Air Sex!

Air Sex
Okay, that's just weird.
The Air Sex World Championships are making their way across the country even as you read this! What’s Air Sex? Well, it’s like air guitar, but … I mean … yeah, with sex. It’s a competition: you pick a soundtrack, and you mime sex to that soundtrack, and the audience picks a winner in each city.

Well, you don’t. But a lot of people do. Anything goes, as long as you don't do the real thing. If you don’t have the nerve to go to a show (there are still four shows left before the tour ends on October 28 in New Orleans – as if that city hasn’t been through enough!), here are some of the highlights, which you can also search out on YouTube:


“Raffi” in Austin pretended to be a guy so preoccupied with his smart phone that he paused several times to get just the right soundtrack, keeping his headphones on the whole time;

“Max Penetration” in New Haven did a slo-mo version of le sex to the soundtrack of Chariots of Fire (including strategic use of his hat);

“Whiskey Queen” in Boston found herself sadly disappointed, via mime, in the performance of a too-drunk gu y… but got his wallet out of the deal, so okay;

“Guy” in Portland nervously discovered the joys of a glory hole, then hated himself right off stage;

“The Inspecta” in Philadelphia went through elaborate tying-up motions before leaping into the fray and finally collapsing in joy;

“Simon the Duck F***er” … well, let’s just say the name says it all!

What would your air sex name be? Would you go to a show? Tell us in the comments!

Image via Alamo Drafthouse/Flickr

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