I'm Joining the Mile High Club

mile high clubThe idea of joining the mile high club is a heck of a lot more appealing when your head is in the clouds, but your feet (and other body parts) are firmly on the ground. Once you board the flight, the reality of the tiny bathrooms and the third person sitting next to you kills the mood.

Even on a transatlantic honeymoon flight, where we somehow wound up in a comfy two-seater, the turbulence combined with over-attentive flight attendants put the kibosh on any grand plans. The reality is: In the air sex is more trouble than it's worth. Unless you're the male initiate and can get a hand job (and we all know how much fun that is), there's not a lot you can do under a blanket without being completely obvious.

But those awkward, messy airline sex days are over! Your mile high aspirations can finally come true with the new "cuddle class" seating on Air New Zealand.


An upgrade called the "Skycouch" transforms a three-seater into a couch big enough to lie down on for a couple, or to comfortably accommodate a family traveling with a small child. (I have to admit, the idea of accommodating a small child made me a tiny bit more excited than the "laying down couple" idea -- I know, it's sad.) It's a genius move by Air New Zealand as those long flights to Down Under need to be more comfortable and offer more entertainment. Hence, the ability to get horizontal with your seatmate.

While the CEO does ask that you "keep your clothes on," that's never stopped an intrepid sex-adventurer. Plus, there are a lot of things you can do without completely disrobing. 

I'm already looking for an excuse to fly on Air New Zealand just for this exciting new development. Although admittedly, I'm sure it will benefit the parental side of me, and not the swinging from the rafters side.

But you child-free travelers -- there's no excuse to not join the mile high club! Do it for those of us who will only use the seat to let our toddler stretch out for a nap. Just remember to clean up after.

Do you want to join the mile high club?


Image via Air New Zealand

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