Why Anita Hill Still Haunts Virginia Thomas

Virginia ThomasImagine this: Clarence Thomas, your husband of three plus years, is nominated to the Supreme Court. Of the United States of America. Pretty cool.

Until those pesky confirmation hearings come along. And that woman, Anita Hill, with her accusations.

The confirmation goes through just fine except for the fact that now your husband has been publicly accused of being unprofessional. Really unprofessional.

But, hey, he's a Supreme Court Justice. And time heals all wounds.

Or does it?

Twenty years later, you're still holding a grudge against Anita. Yes, you Virginia Thomas. Why, oh why can't you let bygones be bygones? Is your loyalty to your husband that strong? Is his power that much of an aphrodisiac that you can't see straight?


And don't you know that holding a grudge is bad for your health? It causes stress and turns your hair gray. Plus, forgiveness is divine. You're a God-fearing woman. You should know that. Unless of course you're a doubting Thomas. And are thinking that there really is nothing to forgive Anita for.

I imagine, Ginni, that you're holding this grudge because the last 20 years haven't been easy for you. Living under the shadow of Clarence and his inauspicious start in our nation's highest court. 

You would have thought that all the attention you're getting now as the head of Liberty Central and as a Tea Party supporter would be enough.

But you sure did it last weekend when you called Anita and offered up a whipping stick in the disguise of an olive branch. She's not going to apologize. She's sticking to her original story. Which must really continue to infuriate you. And honestly, woman to woman, this grudge you're holding must affect your relationship with Justice Thomas. Especially in the bedroom.

A few more reasons I can imagine for why you continue to hold this grudge against Anita:

  • You're pissed that she ruined the honeymoon period of your marriage. It's a lot to deal with in the first couple of years of becoming husband and wife.
  • It's hard enough being the second wife of a powerful man. Anita's accusations of misconduct must have pushed you over the edge. Especially with the whole world discussing the size of his member. And you having to explain Long Dong Silver to your parents.
  • You're still mad about the pubic hair incident. It was one thing to do it at home as a joke but ...
  • Your husband has called you that woman's name from time to time. Talk about ruining the moment.
  • You prefer Pepsi.
  • Every time you see a hair on the bar of soap in your shower, it makes you think of Anita. (Hint: Switch to liquid soap.)

My advice to you? Let it go Ginni, let it go. Focus on your marriage to Clarence. All of this anger and grudge holding will have an adverse effect on your relationship.

Just relax. Unplug the phone. Go have a cup of tea. Just check the rim before you take a sip.

Do you think Mrs. Thomas is holding a 20-year-old grudge?


Image via Fox News

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